Environmental Management

Possess their own technology inovative to ensure the collect, transporte specialised, the segregation and final destination of all waste Class 1.

Waste Management Electronican

Exclusive manner, and innovative, the division waste management electronic have your focus in collection of E-Waste - Electronic Waste, conforming the requirements of the law 12.305 and your regulations.

Courses and Trainings

Through the Center for Environment Studies, the Sanvale offers: Conferences, Courses and Training, for the target specific audience.

Fertilizer Organomineral

Through of Research and development of products, we have the technology for accelerate the decomposition process and organic waste of safely, is that preserving the environment.

Treatment and Reuso Water

The treatment division and reuso of water carries out of projects for recovery of up to 90% of this precious effluent, reducing costs and preserving this natural resource.